Dr. McNerney and Staff are committed to the following:
Providing comprehensive eye care of the highest quality as well as total patient satisfaction through professional personal service.

Our eye examinations take about 30 minutes depending on your particular needs. The doctor will establish your medical history as well as your family history to determine risk factors for eye problems such as diabetes and hypertension. Your vision is measured at different distances to determine at which distance you are having the most difficulty, for example, reading, computer or driving. Your eye alignment is checked to ensure that both eyes work comfortably as a team.

• An auto refractor is used to measure an approximate prescription
• We measure the curvature of the cornea in order to check for astigmatism and any irregularities
• A computerized visual field test can check your peripheral vision

If you are interested in laser vision surgery, our doctor can provide a consultation to determine if you are a good candidate for laser vision correction procedure-along with precise pre-operative evaluation and long term follow up care.

Contact Lens Program

Our contact lens fitting program is structured to provide our patients with the greatest comfort and the best vision without compromising corneal health.

The complete contact lens fitting fee is comprised of a professional fee including the evaluation, fitting of the lenses, and three months of unlimited follow-up visits. Also included in this initial fee is the instruction and training on the proper care of the lenses and a starter lens care kit.

Initially you will have a complete eye examination and visual analysis including evaluation of the overall health of the eye, a glaucoma test, and a determination eyeglass prescription. At the conclusion of the examination, the doctor will discuss with you the options available and make recommendations regarding the most appropriate choice to correct your individual vision problem. At this time the only fee incurred is the examination fee. If you elect to be fitted with contacts, a diagnostic lens fitting will be performed to determine the best lens design and lens parameters required. Following an evaluation of the appropriate lenses on the eye you will be trained as to their proper care and be given your lenses so you may begin your wearing schedule.

Most patients have no problem with their new contact lenses. Occasionally, a patient may have difficulty adjusting to them. If this should occur, you are encouraged to call us and schedule additional visits as needed to correct any problem that may exist. All visits during this three-month period are included in the initial fee. Most adaptive problems may be easily solved. If necessary, we can usually suggest alternate lens types that may be more satisfactory

The contact lens fee ranges from $59.00 for routine disposables $120.00 for gas permeable bifocals.